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Alpacas for sale

Alpacas of varying age and colour is for sale at farm. We have groups with both males and females .

Of course we share our experience and knowledge to facilitate your further Alpaca life 

Below some exampes of specific Alpacas for sale.


Dalslands Jäger  

  • Born: 2016-06-04

  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Rose Grey

  • Father: Silverstream Govenor Grey (silver grey)

  • Mother: ÖA Tindra (medium Fawn)

  • Wool 2018: Micron 18.1, SD 4.3, CF 99

  • Easy to handle, attends our Alpaca walks


Looking for alpacas? Use below form or give me a call 

Kontakta oss

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Birgitta Treding

Ägare av Dalslands Alpacka

+46 725 53 56 00

*När du trycker på "Skicka" samtycker du att Dalslands Alpacka får behandla dina uppgifter. 

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